Video games have many benefits. The most obvious one is the enjoyment that people get when they play a game. It staves off hours of boredom.

Another benefit is the fact that playing a video game about a certain topic can actually teach you things and make you better at it. It’s true. Video games can benefit your life.

One such example is playing guitar. Post Malone said that the video game Guitar Hero influenced and pushed him to learn real guitar.

The same goes for cooking. You may glean a few things if you play several cooking video games.

Thus, let’s check out several cooking video games that you can both enjoy and learn from.


The first game we have on the list is called Overcooked. The plot of this game is certainly out of this world. Aliens came to destroy the world unless you were able to cook them, something they found delicious.

overcooked - 2 Great Cooking Video Games to Play

Initially, you fail and the world goes kaput. However, you are able to travel back in time and start learning to cook again.

The gameplay is the core interest of the game. In every level, there is a menu that you need to fulfill. It could be burgers, soup, pizza, and many more. Each level is also a big kitchen with different stations.

These stations resemble the stages of cooking a specific meal. So, if it were hamburgers, there would be a station to gather ingredients, to chop vegetables, and then to put all the ingredients together.

The goal of the game is to fulfill all the orders while learning all of these different menu items.

goal of the game - 2 Great Cooking Video Games to Play

This game truly shines when it comes to cooperative play. If there is more than one player, you’d need to work together to fulfill the orders.

The game will make it so you and your partner will be separate in the stage. Each of you will only have access to a few food stations.

It is a frantic and fast-paced game that builds friendships, promotes planning and teamwork, and lets you understand how a life in the kitchen is.

Battle Chef Brigade

Next up we have Battle Chef Brigade. This is a very unique title in terms of cooking video games. The game is presented in an approach that resembles anime shows. This allows for bright personality to shine through.

The concept of the game is quite unique as well. It is presented as sort of a competition. Each part of the competition acts as a level.

cooking competition - 2 Great Cooking Video Games to Play

In each level, you are tasked to prepare a certain dish that the judges want to each. The twist is that you must go out into the fantastical world and slay beasts in order to get your ingredients.

The beasts borrow heavily from myth and legends, with dragons being a tough meat to gain. The gameplay plays out like a side-scrolling action game where you need to kill your enemies.

Once you have your ingredients, you must return to your kitchen and cook them in a match-3 style activity.

These are only a couple of cooking video games that you can play, enjoy with your friends, and most importantly, learn tips from and apply it to your own cooking.

Be sure to also read books about games and gaming, and how they influence your learning.