Every moment in life, you are sitting at a poker table with a handful of chips. And everything you do, you decide what to do with those chips. You can either hold on to them and wait your turn, or throw them at the table and go all in.

For the team at Genessee Gaming, we believe that every moment should be lived as if you’re going all in.

This doesn’t mean that you should live a reckless life. Your life doesn’t always need to be in danger. Instead, it simply means that with everything you do and everything you love to do, you should leave no regrets behind. Enjoy those things to the fullest.

For our team here, we love three things: gaming, games, and a good hand of poker. Since we love it so much, we are committed to sharing this love through the articles we write.

Our main goal is to share the joy that we feel with these things. It is our hope that through the articles that we write, that people can be informed about the latest events, occurrences, and even learn new things like what the best cooking video games are.

Apart from that though, we hope that our articles help spur you on to enjoy gaming, games, and poker more. We hope that the content we present pushes you to continually enjoy these things at a level that will bring you your own happiness.