When you love something, games and gaming for example, pretty soon just playing won’t be enough. You’ll want to find any other sort of medium to constantly fill your hunger and desire for what you love.

One good way to go about this is by reading books about the subject. There are experts out there that can reveal certain facets and interesting facts too. It is also a great way to learn more about your topic of choice.

Let’s check out several must-read books about games and gaming.

Console Wars

For anybody who is a gamer, the term “console wars” is a pretty common one. The first ever console war started in the mid-70s, between Fairchild and Atari. Today, it has even evolved to the PlayStation and the Xbox.

console wars - 4 Must-read Books about Games and Gaming

When the term “console war” is heard, there seems to be a misconception about it. No, there really isn’t any violence and animosity between the people. They aren’t hounding for a fight or calling out slurs to offend the other.

The term console war merely denotes the pride that people have for the console that they own. And perhaps a little saltiness at the exclusive video games that they cannot own themselves.

This book though is neither here nor there. It is somewhere in between and talks about an interesting piece of gaming history. It talks about the console war between Sega and Nintendo.

Back in the day, Nintendo was a gaming giant in the industry. Sega was just starting up. That is when Tom Kalinske was brought in to turn the tide. And turn it did. What happened was a generation defining battle. It is an interesting read into a significant piece of gaming history.

Masters of Doom

Does anybody remember Doom? We’re sure that a lot of people do remember Doom, some fondly, some just in passing.

Doom was such a big game though. It revolutionized shooters and graphics. It was so popular that at one point, it became a staple for every computer.

So how did Doom come about? What happened that made it so popular? And who were the masters behind it?

Masters of Doom is a biographical account of the people who helmed the Doom series. It outlines the lives of the Doom creators, from their troubled childhood, to adulthood and side jobs, and eventually to the creation of the gaming studio that had a massive impact on games.


Next, we have Gamelife by Michael Clune.

The people who play video games, especially those who are so passionate about it, will understand that there is an extra layer of importance in the games. They not only act as great activities to pass the time. Poker and games have benefits and teach people things.

gamelife - 4 Must-read Books about Games and Gaming

This is the central thesis of Clune’s book. His book chronicles his love for video games that started at a very young age. At a very young age, he saw that games taught him things that people couldn’t.

The book acts as sort of his personal musings on video games, how they affect people, the way they view the world, and how most importantly, how people think.

We hope you pick up a book and learn as much as you can of the gaming industry that was and is.