Poker has quickly become a favorite past-time for many people all over the world. It is the strategic and analytical aspect, coupled with the nerve and skill that makes people want to play and take it to the next level.

It is not surprising then that casinos have branched out and created machines that facilitate video poker. These machines allow you to play poker against the computer and hopefully, come out on top.

Let’s check out several reasons why you should play video poker.

Great and Consistent Payouts

Some of you may be thinking that a video poker machine sounds a lot like a slot machine. Well, that can’t be farther from the truth. For one, a slot machine relies on luck, but a video poker machine relies on strategy and skill.

odd thing about slot machines - 3 Reasons to Play Video Poker

Next up, an odd thing about slot machines is that you can never know how much it will pay out. There really is no way to know. A video poker machine on the other hand has a consistent payout system that you can use to win.

In fact, the video poker machines are some of the best games you can find in a casino when it comes to consistent and good payout percentage.

The payout table we just mentioned is very important. Depending on the conditions on them, there is a corresponding payout percentage.

For instance, there is a rule called “Jacks or Better”. This just means that if you have a pair of jacks or better, you get a payout. Other rules on the payout table are flushes, straights, three and four of a kinds and more.

It is Everywhere

Another good reason to play video poker is the fact that video poker is everywhere. In almost all casinos that you’ll visit, you will be able to find a video poker machine. This is a testimony to how fun and popular it is.

casino - 3 Reasons to Play Video Poker

Sometimes, you don’t even need to head to a casino. There are also these types of machines in restaurants and even establishments like supermarkets.

If you really can’t find one though, you don’t know need to worry so much. A quick search on the internet will show you a number of sites where you can play video poker. Playing online also gives you a chance to practice for the real thing.

Different Types

Finally, the different kinds and types of poker games you can play on video poker machines is astounding. All of these games use the deck of cards, but the variations allow you to experience these games in different and unique ways.

deck of cards - 3 Reasons to Play Video Poker

We hope the list has helped to push you towards trying and playing video poker. We hope you create your own memorable poker moments and just enjoy the game.

 You can also try to find websites where you can play poker online if you prefer those.